Friday, December 12, 2014

Ooh, treat in the mail!

This came the other day. I was taken off guard, as I had been filling in for Jamal as a model in the creating of an outfit. (Something from a movie called Frozen....Is it a horror movie? That's mostly what gets watched around here. But since it isn't for any one of us, it probably isn't.....I'll ask Jamal what it is. He's sure to know.) I digress. I was sort of in a lull, when I heard my name called. It startled me, and I quickly disposed of the grey attire I was in and went for my beautiful Christmas dress. If I was to have my picture taken, it would be in that. And I also didn't have my glasses on, so I couldn't clearly see what I was even being directed towards. Okay, all dressed now, glasses in place.

Me: What is it?

It was a heavy box, and seemed stuffed. I wondered what was in there.

Nanette came over to inspect the box.

N: What is it?

M: I don't know....

N: What are we waiting for? Let's OPEN IT!

And she promptly snatched it out of my hands, and tore into it with a ferocity I do not normally see expressed in her. I admit I was impressed, if not a wee bit frightened. I made a mental note to remember that she has this side, and then I moved in to inspect the contents.

"Oooooooooh!" We both gasped. Look at all the treats!

We made short business out of opening everything. So many neat things! There was a warm fleece hat, which Jamal took, a neat plaid scarf that Daphne claimed. I got the gingerbread necklace. And there was so much more! Treats, activity books, aprons, and even a thing of music! (I guess we're caroling after all. Ginger will be so happy. Me, not so much.) Here's a picture of almost everything we got:

We want to give a huge thanks to everyone for all the amazing and wonderful gifts! THANK YOU!! From me (Myrtle), Nanette, Ginger, Daphne and Jamal. We love everything.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Belated Halloween!

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween this year. We did. I even got to dress up as a ghost! I baked some brownies to bring to the big Halloween party. It was a blast. I'm afraid I haven't any pictures to upload. Somehow in all the festivities, we forgot that part. :(

On the upside, Halloween had everyone so busy that Matilda actually forgot about the Haunted Barn. We all did. I'm worried though that now that it is over, she'll be back to her curiosities, and who knows what that will do. I guess all I can do is hope, wait and worry. With a happy tummy full of all the candy I got trick or treating. :D

Friday, September 19, 2014

If you thought you'd heard the end of the Haunted Barn, think again......

I love this time of year. Everyone in my family gets super excited for Halloween. A few decoration are up in the living room already. Although in the doll room, some decorations stay up all year. I like all the Halloween colors, so I am always happy to see more grinning Jack O Lanterns. Though as much as I love it all, my fairly new friend Matilda cannot be beat. She wears Halloween stuff all year long! She's a strange one. But very nice.

My new friend Jamal recently had an order made special for him by a wonderful Etsy seller (SewFunDollClothes.) He is thrilled with them, and had his own photo shoot this evening. He took his 2 dogs Meatloaf and Pepper (AKA Beast - so named for his often wild and unruly behavior. Jamal claims his dog has been inappropriately villianized. The proof however is in the pudding. And the rest of us stand by our opinion. Meatloaf, on the other hand is as sweet as he is, well, wrinkled.) Here's a picture of him modeling one of his shirts:

Jamal wasn't outside very long before he came back in all aflush. Meatloaf was quivering close to his ankles, and almost tripped him a time or two. Beast wasn't too far behind him, shaking and jumping around nervously, making this high pitched yipping sound. Which isn't his normal shall we say commanding bark. Matilda and I immediately came over to see what was the matter. Matilda even forgot for a second her broom wasn't in her hand. So I didn't feel as unsafe standing next to her. (Matilda gestures when she is excited. The broom can make for an unfortunate weapon.)

Here's what happened:

(**************Flash back image to seconds before he came running inside***************)

Jamal: "GUYS!!!!!"

Me and Matilda: "What?????"

J: "I just took a peak into the Haunted Barn. Since you guys told me about it, I had to take a look myself."

Matilda: "And I remember specifically you didn't believe us."

(I just sort of shrugged. I hadn't quite told Matilda, but I am not certain I believe it myself. I know I have heard about it. That's about it.)

Jamal: "No, I didn't. It's kind of a hard tale to believe. I mean that stuff's cool in the movies, but come on. It's not like we live on Elm Street."

(I had been nodding along as he spoke. Really, it IS hard to believe. I just try to give my friends the benefit of the doubt. But when he said Nightmare on Elm Street, I shuddered. Freddy Kreuger scares me.)

Matilda: "Yea, but still. That doesn't only happen in the movies."

Jamal: "Well, in my world it does. But now my world has been shaken up a bit, because I swear I saw and heard something!"

(I gulped. Matilda can get carried away with her imagination, but Jamal has his head on straight. If HE saw something......)

Matilda: "What?? What was it?????"

(She actually sounded excited? WHY? THIS IS BAD!!!! And much to my disbelief, her eyes were lit up with excitement.)

Jamal: "Well, it's sort of hard to describe, really."

Matilda: "TRY."

He thought for a second. "It was sort of large, roundish, but stretched out. I thought I saw red eyes, but I could have been filling in some details in my head. And the sound." He shuddered. "That was something I will never forget."

Matilda: "WHAT???"

(I didn't want to know. This nut ball beside me was actually jumping a little in her excitement.)

Jamal: "It was so disembodied. I guess that is one way to describe it. It was so loud and so silent at the same time. Shrill with a deep echo."

Matilda: "Wow. Did you ask it anything?"

(We both stared in disbelief.)

Jamal: "Uh, yeah, Matilda. I had a whole lot I wanted to ask. I mean, how often do you meet up with a demon in your own barn? Hell, it isn't even a barn to begin with! No, sorry, Matilda, but when it started at me, I sort of took the smart road and high tailed it outta there."

Matilda: "Darn! I want to know what it is?"

Me: "WHY?" (I finally spoke.) "I think it needs to be left all alone in there."

Matilda: "Myrtle, for all we know it is totally harmless! I want to know what it is."

Jamal: "Maybe your right, Matilda. It looked so sad and lost. Maybe it's flashing red eyes and horrible scream as it decided to charge me meant it wanted to be friends."

(I nodded. Yes, exactly. I got Jamal's sarcasm, but Matilda didn't at first.

Matilda: "Okay, fine you two. Just be that way. But I know what I am going to do."

Me: "What?" I asked hesitantly. Not that I really wanted to know.

Matilda: "A seance!" And then she grinned like she had just recommended a plan to regenerate the economy and give everyone millions of free dollars.

Jamal and I looked at each other in horror.

"NO!" We yelled in unison.

Matilda: "Scaredy cats! I will see who wants to participate, and we will do it!"

Jamal: "And here I thought it couldn't get worse."

So, here we are, about ready to live our very own horror movie. I do not think anything can be done to stop Matilda when she gets her mind made up. I, in the meanwhile, before the very gates of horror open and disembodied bedlam is afoot, will be researching some ghost busting techniques. So, in the face of disaster, one doll shall stand with confidence in the face of danger, saving the neighborhood from what Matilda could unleash. Who you gonna call? JAMAL WILSON! (You thought I'd be researching for me? Oh no, fair readers. Myrtle isn't that brave. Myrtle is smart and will stay well away from danger. I'll be passing the info on to Jamal.)

Wish us luck!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How Myrtle got her groove back

Long, long time without posting. I think I needed a separation from my blog, but lately I really seem to be missing it. Being a 1940's doll in the 21st century can be boring. So much around me looks so very strange and bizarre. My new friend Matilda Broom (who carries a broom around. Literally.) suggested that maybe I try updating myself. I thought updated was a strange way to put it as I am always hearing something on the computer needed or being updated. But then I thought, "why not?" Why not? Why not update me, Myrtle Brown into something new, refreshing and maybe a little cool?

The other day I received a collection of gifts. Dr. Seuss is my favorite author. I spend many an hour enjoying the whimsical delights of his genius. Well, a dollie friend of mine (Cami Jo) cleaned out her closet, and I got so many neat things! I got some more books to keep for my very own, some earrings (they are large - I had to get used to them at first) pins, stickers, 2 Horus plushes, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and some fabric! I got to thinking, wait a minute. Fabric? Fabric????? After talking with Matilda, she suggested I put in a request to the Doll Factory to have some Seuss themed outfits made just for me. And what do you know? I was just handed my very first dress. A Thing 1 and Thing 2 printed bubble dress. I love it. I fixed my Thing 1 and Thing 2 pins to it, and I love my new look. I want to buy some red and white striped stockings when I can find them. And maybe black and white?

Here's me in my new dress. I am not wearing my earrings. As luck would have it, they fell apart. An easy fix, but not one I took on tonight. This is how Myrtle got her groove back!

I love it. I have never loved a dress so much in my life. I have 2 'Sam I Am' fabrics - 1 in orange and one in light green. I am not certain what to have made in them, but I think whatever the Factory produces, I will love. And Thing 1 and Thing 2? Perfect pony protection. Pinky Pie comes near? The Things have me covered. :D I am a very happy Myrtle.

Myrtle's Owner's Post

From here on out, you will see a different line up of dolls. I have really cleaned out and down sized a LOT. Myrtle remains the same, although I have changed up her fashion a bit. I only have 4 dolls now, Myrtle (obviously) Alice - who has a new body (she is now the retired #3 she was originally) Jamal (#26 boy) and Matilda (Mia, who I had years ago.) So, there will be dolls that were a heavy emphasis in the past that will not be mentioned any more. And that wraps up the probably one and only blog post by me on Myrtle's blog. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm not gone...and I fear it might be getting worse.....

I'm really not. I mentioned the heat this summer is pretty bad, so I must be mentally hiding from it. In fact, I might be hallucinating. At least I HOPE I am hallucinating. I got up from my perch on the bug black shelf to take a leisurely stroll around the room (maybe work off some of these extra pounds I fear I might be putt on from all of my brownie intake. It's stress relief and also pure happy joy.) And it was then I thought I saw it. And was it you might ask? The tail end of a very large Pinkie Pie. I recognize that tail color anywhere. Alice sits next to me on the shelf, and you can be sure there is usually a pony or two in her lap. And I also recognized that cutie mark. This Pinkie Pie is so large, it is probably 4 times the size of the other ones! When I saw it, I jumped so hard that I knocked my glasses off. (And you know I can't see a dern without them.) And by the time I had bent over and put them back on, it had disappeared. Yes, I am doubting myself. I hope I am wrong. And yet I hope I am right. I hope I am wrong so there is no such creature in existence. I hope I am right to prove that I am not losing it. I haven't mentioned this to anyone. I know Ginger is already concerned enough, so I don't want to distress her any more about it. Nor do I want to hear it even suggested I might be cracking up. I'm not. I swear. I intend to do a thorough search of this room. I will post my findings later on here. For now, I think I hear the brownies calling my name.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer is here

Long while with silence in Myrtle-land. Not too much going on around here lately. The weather here is strange - it's a stretch of days so hot (with no a/c or swamp cooler inside) that is feels like one might melt. And then it gets cool. One day it was in the 50's following a day over 90. I hear that in KY it was much more miserable with all the humidity. In fact, I heard from some of the other dolls that before my family lived here, they survived a miserable agonizingly hot summer in KY with no a/c with it being over 100 degrees inside the attic where they stayed. Apparently, the home had red carpet and a metal roof making it truly a summer from Hell. I am glad I missed out on that, though I would probably have many more interesting stories to tell like Max, the elf. He survived it without any more yellowing. (And this he told me in a tone most serious.) I guess his type of resin doll is subject to yellowing from excessive heat and sunlight, and simply just age. (he said that they can turn a green color, also known as 'Beauty Green" though Max has what he calls Normal Skin, so he won't turn green.) Max must be a powerful Elf as he really hasn't experienced much of that in his lifetime. According to him he is pretty much the same color he was when he was cast waaaaay back in 2006. This information scared me a little. I would hate for Max or any of my other resin friends to experience this sort of pain. After all, it must hurt. Wouldn't it? I didn't ask Max, so I don't know for sure. One thing is for sure, I'm glad to be an AG doll. I always enjoy meeting other dolls and making new and interesting friendships. But, at the end of the day, I am happy to be me. And that, my friends, is worth its weight in brownies and gold. (Which to my mind, are worth about the same!) And now I will continue to enjoy the cool evening air, and contemplate some ideas of how to make a worthwhile and interesting blog post.