Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm not gone...and I fear it might be getting worse.....

I'm really not. I mentioned the heat this summer is pretty bad, so I must be mentally hiding from it. In fact, I might be hallucinating. At least I HOPE I am hallucinating. I got up from my perch on the bug black shelf to take a leisurely stroll around the room (maybe work off some of these extra pounds I fear I might be putt on from all of my brownie intake. It's stress relief and also pure happy joy.) And it was then I thought I saw it. And was it you might ask? The tail end of a very large Pinkie Pie. I recognize that tail color anywhere. Alice sits next to me on the shelf, and you can be sure there is usually a pony or two in her lap. And I also recognized that cutie mark. This Pinkie Pie is so large, it is probably 4 times the size of the other ones! When I saw it, I jumped so hard that I knocked my glasses off. (And you know I can't see a dern without them.) And by the time I had bent over and put them back on, it had disappeared. Yes, I am doubting myself. I hope I am wrong. And yet I hope I am right. I hope I am wrong so there is no such creature in existence. I hope I am right to prove that I am not losing it. I haven't mentioned this to anyone. I know Ginger is already concerned enough, so I don't want to distress her any more about it. Nor do I want to hear it even suggested I might be cracking up. I'm not. I swear. I intend to do a thorough search of this room. I will post my findings later on here. For now, I think I hear the brownies calling my name.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer is here

Long while with silence in Myrtle-land. Not too much going on around here lately. The weather here is strange - it's a stretch of days so hot (with no a/c or swamp cooler inside) that is feels like one might melt. And then it gets cool. One day it was in the 50's following a day over 90. I hear that in KY it was much more miserable with all the humidity. In fact, I heard from some of the other dolls that before my family lived here, they survived a miserable agonizingly hot summer in KY with no a/c with it being over 100 degrees inside the attic where they stayed. Apparently, the home had red carpet and a metal roof making it truly a summer from Hell. I am glad I missed out on that, though I would probably have many more interesting stories to tell like Max, the elf. He survived it without any more yellowing. (And this he told me in a tone most serious.) I guess his type of resin doll is subject to yellowing from excessive heat and sunlight, and simply just age. (he said that they can turn a green color, also known as 'Beauty Green" though Max has what he calls Normal Skin, so he won't turn green.) Max must be a powerful Elf as he really hasn't experienced much of that in his lifetime. According to him he is pretty much the same color he was when he was cast waaaaay back in 2006. This information scared me a little. I would hate for Max or any of my other resin friends to experience this sort of pain. After all, it must hurt. Wouldn't it? I didn't ask Max, so I don't know for sure. One thing is for sure, I'm glad to be an AG doll. I always enjoy meeting other dolls and making new and interesting friendships. But, at the end of the day, I am happy to be me. And that, my friends, is worth its weight in brownies and gold. (Which to my mind, are worth about the same!) And now I will continue to enjoy the cool evening air, and contemplate some ideas of how to make a worthwhile and interesting blog post.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Found my glasses

It is a relief to have mine back. I was borrowing these brightly colored raspberry glasses which, you will remember, I wore at the start of this blog. They are not exactly my color, but I would rather see than be "my color." Just where were my glasses you might ask? In the strangest of places. They were found in a container of fabric, tangled up in some white sheet lace. How did they get there? Ginger says they probably fell of when I was doing some modeling at the Doll Factory. (I was never around that fabric, nor that particular container.) That being said, I see how it might be a possibility, but I have a much better idea of exactly how they got there. The ponies. Ginger says I am becoming paranoid. Not so. I don't trust them, and I think that this was their first move to rattle me. Perhaps I am being silly. I do admit it DOES sound a little, uh, not exactly sane. But. Still. I suspect them. Innocent until proven guilty they might be, but know this Pinky Pie and Co. I am on to you!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A new member of the family??

It's been a busy time lately. I myself have been preoccupied in whatever it is that occupies me. Some might wonder what that might be. Sometimes I wonder that too. We have a new kitten in the family. He's a fluffy white one. The first night here he cried and cried. Even we dolls sitting on the shelf wanted to croak about the time he got hoarse, which was around 5 AM. We were all rather tired the next couple of days. He is all settled in now. If only the other big cats would stop hissing at him, the room will go back to its former peace.

I found we are also getting a new doll family member. At first, I deducted her name will be Blythe. I was excited to meet Blythe. I wondered what her time period might be, what she would be like. But earlier today, I heard the terms "eye chips" being thrown around. These eye chips could be changed and she needed 4 eyes! And it was then that I realized that Blythe wasn't an AG doll. Blythe must be another type of doll.

Ginger, who has turned out to be a darn good internet navigator through all these months of hogging it *ahem* looking at clothing. She was able to find just who - or what, I might add - is coming to live with us. And I am plumb terrified.

Following this link will provide you with pictures, should you be brave enough to follow it. She's small, with a head as nearly as large as mine! AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!! I have 2 more days to work up the nerve of seeing this Blythe. I pray I have the courage to do so. The doll with blog I might be, but a brave Myrtle, I am not.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Where are my GLASSES??????

I am in a mess. A serious mess. As serious of a mess as I have ever been in, and this my friends, is a fact. I have lost my glasses. For someone cursed with far sightedness, I am in a pickle. I have looked high and low. I have looked near and far. My friends have looked for them. And all this to no avail. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. And now I am squinting at everything. I have a headache, and my face hurts from squinting. How am I blogging you might ask. Thank Claire as she is typing as I am speaking. I can't live like this. I am getting desperate. I might have to ask for more glasses to be bought for me. Of course, soon as I open my new pair, the old ones will show up. Murphy's law, I guess. Whatever the cost, life cannot go on like this.

Blogged in part by Claire for an unhappy Myrtle.

*Claire's note: Poor Myrtle. You should see her. She looks a fright and is in a mighty testy mood. Not Myrtle-like at all. I have never known her to be cross or irritable in the entire time I have known her. Well, she might have been a little cranky when she had the flu. Damn, I need to do something....*

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm in a Horror Movie, and so are the ponies.....

Okay, well, not a Horror Movie. More like a Horror Movie Poster. Claire was playing around with a photo editing site and made this fun collage. There is me, Alice, Claire and Ginger. Yikes is all I can say. We look like bad news.

I noticed my eyes weren't changed. Guess it's the glasses. Dang.

Claire also showed me this one. I swallowed HARD when I saw it.

Attack of the killer ponies. You can see their true intentions revealed here through the careful photo editing of Claire's. I ought to show Alice. Maybe scare her enough to get rid of them? Not likely. On second thought, I think we ought to keep this photo a secret. Alice wouldn't take too kindly to her beloved ponies being distorted. Claire thought it was completely hilarious. I love her, but she can be kind of off sometimes. I wonder what Ginger would say? Probably scream, knowing her. And then she would ask Claire what was wrong with her as Claire laughs.

Claire is wanting to do a movie with the ponies morphing into blood thirsty killers. I told her it wasn't likely to happen. Not only would Alice never loan out her babies, who the heck would want to star in it? While I support Claire's take on the ponies, not in her wildest dreams is that going to happen. I am terrified enough without seeing it in real action.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Alice's Magic Adventure

Alice had an adventure outside. I was only told the tale, and given the photos to put in order with the tale that Alice tape recorded for me to type out on my blog. I wish I could have been there. Any way, here is her story:

"It was such a pretty day, I wanted to go outside and soak in the Springtime mountain air. So outside I went. Nightshade and Miss Bit were out there, too. Such cute kitties. I want a kittie of my own. They are so cute and cuddly! Only one my size. Nightshade could crush me.

(Myrtle's note: Maybe I should condense. Alice is all over the place. But, it is her story and she wanted it re-told specifically. From here on out all my thoughts will by in italics)

"So, there I was outside. Viewing the world from the cement patch where the Haunted Barn stood. It didn't seem Haunted to me. The kitties live inside, so I am not sure why dearly departed Felicity thought it was Haunted. I think it is a cute little building, and keeps the cats nice and safe. Though I am not sure why there are road work signs hanging on the side."

(Myrtle's note: Hmmm, didn't seem haunted? I have to check it out myself.)

"I was making my way slowly (yes slowly) to the bright green grass that was growing. I was hoping to see some flowers. There aren't any flowers in the back. :( (she told me to insert a frowny face here. She had to explain to me what that meant.) 

And then I heard a voice! A tiny little squeaky voice. I looked all around me. It didn't come from the right, nor the left, not even above me! So then I looked down, and can you guess what I saw? (prolonged pause here. I think she was waiting for someone to answer. She must have forgotten this was her tape recording)

Is that a bug? He had these big blinking eyes that stared up at me. I rubbed my eyes, and blinked a few times to make sure I wasn't imagining. I imagine things a lot. (This is true) But I wasn't. It was really there. I leaned in just to make sure.

"Hi." I said to the little creature.

"Hello." He squeaked back.

I squealed. He was so cute. So absolutely cute. So I scooped him up. (I wouldn't have. What if it had been poisonous? Or dangerous?)

Ooooh, cuteness! I told him he was adorable. He blinked sweetly at me in response. I asked him what he was. He told me he was a caterpillar! I had never seen one so large and sweet looking. Caterpillars are normally creepy crawly and make my skin crawl. But this one I wanted to hug! But he's too small. And I would't want to hurt him.

He told me he had other friends and asked me if I wanted to meet them. Of course I did! He told me he would lead me to where some of them were preparing for a little party of their own. I set him down on the ground, and I followed long behind him taking care not to step on him.

We didn't go very far when I heard more tiny voices. A little further, and then we saw them!

I squealed when I saw them. How cute they were! All these little creatures with their big shining eyes staring up at me. "Hi everyone!" I said, sitting down to meet them.

There were 2 spiders, a bee, and 2 butterflies. As I sat there, a yellow spider came and crawled in my lap. (Along came a spider, and sat down beside her...Couldn't resist.)

Normally, I am terrified of spiders. But this one was so sweet, and had a bow on her head! She talked to me for a few minutes, asking my name, and where I lived. She had to get back to party preparations though. I wanted to bring the other dolls out to see them before they had to go. I told them I would be right back!

Oh the others were going to be so surprised!

I was back in the house as quickly as I could manage. (Which wasn't very fast. Not that I can fairly point the finger. I am often called 'Myrtle the Turtle.')

I found Ginger. (Where was I?) She was the only one upstairs. (Oh.) So, I pulled her aside. She wasn't understanding me at first. (I imagine not.) I finally got her to get what I was talking about, and she agreed to come outside with me to see. I don't think she believed me, but I was ready to prove her wrong!

"It's over here!" I told Ginger. She followed along behind me as we made out way to the Bug Party.

"This is where I met the Caterpillar. He was right there in the grass!" Ginger smiled at me sweetly. I think she was getting excited to see them. I was too!

"Is it much further, Alice?" Ginger asked.
"No!" I responded. "They were just about here!"

We leaned over, looking through the grass. I heard no voices, but I was hoping that they were just being quiet. And then, we saw this:

Nothing! Where had they gone?

"They were here, Ginger! They were! I saw them!"

"I'm sure did, dear. Maybe they are just having their party in a place where we can't go."

"Do you think? Maybe so."

And then I got to thinking about how they must be having so much fun. Eating all this magical food, playing bug games, and having the party of their lives! I was disappointed to not be able to see it myself. But maybe I can come outside tomorrow and meet them again!"

And that wraps up Alice's tale. As for myself, if it hadn't been for the pictures, I would not have believed her. The evidence, though is there! What are these magical little creatures that Alice chanced upon? I hope I can see them one of these days.